Kathryn Sparks

VP- Application Development

Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Kathryn has spent the last 22 years of her career in retail systems.  After spending 20 years with Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas, she joined Schnuck Markets in St Louis, Missouri as VP Application Development.  Kathryn has supported all aspects of retail systems over her career including store systems, POS, back office, merchandising and supply chain (warehouse, transportation, demand forecasting and replenishment), finance and ecommerce. 

As a global retailer, Kathryn supported Walmart’s international growth through various M&A activities and the integration of various international acquisitions to Walmart systems.  Kathryn spent 3 years as an expat in Brazil leading the integration of 2 major acquisitions to Walmart systems.

Current challenges include the implementation of a new replenishment system at Schnucks that will drive the entire supply chain from a single forecast of demand, including promotions; a new warehouse which will begin shipping this year and a new system for price and promotions optimization.