Lauren Nabulsi

Supply Chain Specialist

Centuri Construction Group, Inc.

Lauren Nabulsi is currently a Supply Chain Specialist for Centuri Construction Group, Inc., North America’s leader in underground utility and energy distribution and construction.  In addition to corporate purchasing, Lauren is currently focusing on centralizing procurement and leveraging buying power for the Centuri brand, which includes multiple business units. Lauren’s strengths are vendor compliance, sourcing rare items, and solving logistical issues. Her experience in multiple disciplines offers a unique advantage in identifying root cause issues, and holding vendors accountable for unsatisfactory levels of service.  Her strong ability to hone in on issues, create action plans for improvement, and for holding the correct people accountable for improving metrics provides both hard and soft savings for the Centuri brand.

Lauren holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Christopher Newport University, as well as an Associate’s Degree from Central Virginia Community College.