Borroughs Corporation


3002 N. Burdick St., Kalamazoo, MI 49004


During its 75 years in business, Borroughs has produced a variety of products. From multi-level mezzanines for distribution centers to auto parts and service department storage, Borroughs has the products and the know how to successfully complete almost any storage project.

Our broad product range and number of industries we serve repeatedly makes us a first choice for companies installing new or upgrading storage systems. Since we design as well as manufacture steel storage systems, we are able to shepherd customers through the entire process from layout to install.

We believe in the quality of our USA made products and the quality of the people who represent them. Says President Tim Tyler: “We take great pride in the professionalism and quality of our people. We feel that no other company in the industry today has such a concentration of specific industry knowledge, experience and expertise.”



• Pick modules
• Multi-level shelving systems
• High density drawer systems
• Box Edge Plus Shelving
• Rivet Span® Boltless shelving
• Aisle-Saver® compact mobile shelving
• Design & installation services



• Volkswagen North America
• Adidas
• O’Reilly Automotive
• Limited Brands
• Navistar
• Subaru
• Tucker Rocky
• Pfizer



• Warehouse/Distribution
• Automotive
• Industrial, Library
• Government,
• Health Care
• Law/Financial
• Educational
• Museum/Galleries
• Office
• Pharmaceutical