SSI Schaefer

10021 Westlake Drive, Charlotte, NC 28241


Schaefer Systems International, Inc. provides clients unconventional picking and storage solutions that increase efficiency and deliver Best Value. Our systems accurately generate more throughput in less space with fewer people to give you better operational visibility.

Many assume that conventional distribution centers are less expensive than automated distribution centers. Schaefer Systems believes there is a more effective way to build a distribution center for a greater return on investment.

We make better use of land, better use of cubic space and make distribution centers more energy and labor efficient.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Schaefer Systems is part of the SSI SCHAEFER group, a global leader in logistics & material handling founded in 1937 with offices and plants in over 60 different countries.


• Automated/Conventional Storage Systems (Unit-Load/Mini-Load, Racking)
• Picking Systems (A-Frames, Automated Carousels, Goods-to-Person Workstations, Pick-By-Light/Voice)
• Intelligent Transport (AGVs and Case/Pallet Conveyor Systems)
• Warehouse Management/Control Systems
• Green/Lean Ergonomics Distribution Design
• Returnable/Reusable Containers



• Walgreens
• Best Buy
• C&S
• Cinram International
• Smith Drug Company
• Nestle



• Retail
• Automotive/Heavy Industry
• Beverage/Food
• Medical/Pharmaceutical
• Chemical and Process Industries
• Consumer Products
• Distribution/3PL
• Manufacturing