Coupa | Trade Extensions specializes in strategic sourcing with optimization. The cloud application is used to run projects ranging from routine sourcing, such as simple reverse auctions, to advanced projects involving high-value goods and services and multiple rounds of negotiation.

Coupa | Trade Extensions gives users access to advanced mathematical optimization algorithms that ensure sourcing decisions are based on the best available options, taking into account any specified objectives and constraints. The application is uniquely flexible and, in addition to sourcing projects, it can be configured to model and optimize practically any resource allocation problem and has been used for applications as diverse as production planning and supply chain design.

Coupa | Trade Extensions is part of the Coupa cloud platform for business spend. Born in the cloud, Coupa delivers a modern spend-management platform that accelerates business by unifying processes across all the ways employees spend money. These processes cover travel and expense management, procurement, invoicing, and related source-to-settle areas. Using the Coupa Open Business Network™, the platform has connected more than three million suppliers and delivers a powerful solution for businesses committed to controlling their spend.