Since 2006, Reveel™ has been dedicated to providing Shipping Intelligence™ for the smartest business decisions possible. Founded by former DHL/FedEx/UPS sales executives, Reveel was created to level the playing field. Over the past decade-plus, our zero-risk services have saved our clients millions of dollars. 
At Reveel, our mission is to increase our clients’ profitability by empowering them with shipping intelligence and advocating for transparency within the industry. We lift the veil on the pricing that your carriers are offering to similar companies, giving you valuable industry and regional benchmarks. Our dedicated team of local experts will help you identify measurable savings with invoice auditing and real-time reporting & analytics. The best part is that all of this comes at zero cost to you. If we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid.





“We recently engaged Reveel to assist us with our UPS negotiations. We had just negotiated with UPS on our own approximately nine months earlier so we were already in a position where we had done the best we could do with the information available to us. Reveel was able to help us save an additional 17% with their access to market data and knowledge. I would highly recommend Reveel’s services to anyone.”
- SKLZ: Jeff Slovak - COO
“Based on my previous experience, I knew that we had good rates, however I learned through Reveel that they were not the best rates possible. Reveel had excellent information for similar sized companies and was confident that we could achieve better. Following their directions, we were able to realize significant additional savings of over $100K annually and I whole heartedly recommend Reveel. Seeing is believing and my eyes have been opened.”
- SkinMedica: Rob Sorensen - VP Operations