ScottTech Integrated Solutions


ScottTech takes a nonproprietary approach to the design of automation systems. We develop a working partnership with our clients to evaluate long term goals and design the ideal system. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we have the knowledge to design your automation systems from process and filling, through packaging, palletizing, warehousing, and distribution. ScottTech is essentially 3 business units under one roof, software development, material handling, and packaging solutions. 
  1. The Software Group can supply our standard off the shelf package “PickPro ICS” that is the core of warehouse control system (WCS) or a completely customized solution. The PickPro software system is designed in modules that allow the system to expand with your business requirements. Add on modules include Pick to Light, RF Data Collection, Voice Directed Operations, Automated Equipment Device Inter- face (carousels), Conveyor Controls and Tote Tracking, Order Consolidation, Packing Verification, Induction/Cross Docking, and Order Management. 
  2. The Material Handling Group can design your distribution center from ground up, developing the material handling flow and provide the expertise to supply and implement any solution. 
  3. The Packaging Line Integration Group can assist in solving the most demanding packaging line issues. Our breadth of knowledge and relationships with literally hundreds of manufactures of packaging equipment, allows us to design and supply a completely integrated and “non-proprietary” system.
ScottTech’s Customer Protection (CP) offers dedicated support for parts inventory management, technical and engineering assistance, training and more.





“Scott Tech has worked with Movado Group for several years in the installation of high technology Carousel, Picking and Software Systems. “The best attribute is Scott Tech’s style of making it their business to know your business.We have used Scott Tech on multiple projects for successive years because of their professional capabilities, fair pricing and never leaving your side for many years to follow. If you are seeking a Systems Integrator that can deliver 21st Century Distribution Engineering solutions, and still personalize their business to you with fair pricing, on-time service and professional results, consider Scott Tech Industries for your next project.”
- Craig Schadt,Vice President Operations, Movado Group, Inc.