GT Nexus


GT Nexus, an Infor Company, operates the world’s largest cloud-based business network and execution platform for global trade and supply chain management. More than $100 billion in trade flows through the GT Nexus network annually. Over 25,000 businesses across industry verticals share GT Nexus as their standard, multi-enterprise collaboration platform. Customers include adidas, Caterpillar, Coach, DHL, Electrolux, HP, Levi Strauss & Co., Kohl’s, Nestlé, Patagonia and Pfizer. For information, visit





“Our freight profile is complex. With Nestlé products reaching almost every corner of the world, we needed a system that could deal with our complexity. GT Nexus has met these requirements.”
- Head of Ocean Transport at Nestlé
“Like any global manufacturer, visibility across our shipments is critical. With GT Nexus we have an information platform which gives us a level of transparency needed to give better service to our customers.”
- VP of Distribution Logistics at CNH
“GT Nexus provides us with a very useful combination of universal connectivity to all carriers with well established data quality management processes, and real time visibility capabilities.”
- Director, Import Export Transportation at Inditex
“GT Nexus allows for a balcony view of the status of shipments and payments. Suppliers are clear… we’re clear. And payment is executed on time….Visibility has improved for Patagonia and our suppliers and a byproduct of that is a much better relationship. There’s a lot more trust involved, a lot more collaboration because they know what to expect.”
- Vice President of Supply Chain & Product Development at Patagonia