CargoBarn is a third‐party logistics (3PL) provider founded in 2007 upon discovering an opportunity to deliver excellent transportation services in an industry that was short on integrity and innovation. Fast forward to 2012 and CargoBarn was ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 2nd fastest growing Logistics and Transportation Company in the country. Since the beginning, CargoBarn’s success has been built on remarkably talented employees and best in class software. Today, CargoBarn’s goal is to achieve nothing short of perfection. We’re working hard to create a fun environment where customers, suppliers, and employees come together to find inventive logisticssolutions—while focusing on friendships and partnerships, not just business transactions.





Kruger Foods

Kruger Foods, Inc. started working with CargoBarn back in October of 2014. From the very beginning of our working relationship, CargoBarn has always been willing to go the extra mile for us. They check in with us weekly and ask if there is anything that could be done to better their service. They have very quick responses and always meets our needs – whether it is us needing a new freight rate or a last minute pick up – with great customer service. Knowing that we have a carrier that is willing to do just about anything to help us service our customers is a great relief. We have no doubt that we will continue to work with Cargo Barn for many more years to come.


Cargo Barn has been a cost –competitive and most importantly , reliable logistics provider. We rely on dependable service from partners like Cargo Barn to help us satisfy our customers timely delivery of the merchandise.