BillerudKorsnäs (BK) is a forerunner in developing retail and industrial packaging solutions that consider how product and packaging interact within global supply chains.  Our solutions combine the right design with the right materials while maintaining a sustainable focus.  
We partner with major global brands to unlock supply chain opportunities that deliver:   
Operational savings – historically delivers a minimum of 15% ocean freight savings, while reducing damage and loss resulting in lower landed cost  
Management Simplicity – partnering with BK allows program initiatives to be executed at a much faster rate while extending the level of control over brand quality 
Sustainability Performance – through increased product density and the use of high performance materials BK partners with our clients to significantly decrease their carbon footprint
Our Mission is to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future.  
BillerudKorsnäs Group key locations: Stockholm, Sweden; Portland, OR; Shenzhen, China and Regional offices throughout EMEA and Asia.





” Now we have a partner that ensures consistent high quality throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer in China to the store.”

- Johan Sollenberg, Marketing Manager, Primus