10-4 Systems

10-4 Systems has developed a Global Visibility Tool aggregating asset location data from various sources in your supply chain and connecting this data with pertinent information from your ERP and or TMS; providing the ultimate visibility and reporting tool for you, your vendors, and your customers.


10-4 Freight Portal- Complete Visibility of your entire supply chain with pro-active alerts

10-4 Marketplace- Ecosystem that matches supply and demand in a Real-Time Environment, based on your preferences. A large % of the carriers in the 10-4 Marketplace are Private Fleet carriers and National LTL and Truckload Carriers which provide BUY IT NOW Inventory for Shippers to utilize.

IndexIt-  FREE Bid Tool to be used by Shippers for the RFP’s. Online portal that makes it easier than ever to work with your carrier base and also 10-4 Carrier base for best sourcing options.

NonStop- FREE Carrier Management System to help small to medium carriers manage their entire business via the web-based portal. Manage your drivers, tractors, trailers, orders, customers, accounting all in 1 centralized location and also connect with your drivers via the 10-4 Mobile App.

10-4 Mobile- FREE Mobile App that is used by small to medium carriers that do not currently have a SatCom Solution. Integrates with NonStop product seamlessly.