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Minerva Associates, Inc. is a software development company renowned for its proven warehouse management
system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software. Minerva’s Advanced Warehouse Logistics (AWL)
software products are the choice for mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 firms for their mission critical distribution, manufacturing and 3PL environments. AWLview WMS is a real-time WMS, with an extensive audit trail providing
visibility and accountability into your operations. AWLview optimizes material and data flow throughout the warehouse, designed around industry best practices. Minerva has worked with a wide range of industries, providing a scalable product for inventory control. AWLview interfaces to a diverse list of ERP, manufacturing, financial and business
software so you have a seamless exchange of information. AWLtek WCS interfaces to material handling equipment from the major manufacturers, either as part of our WMS solution, or a WCS component integrating with your
existing ERP. AWLview and AWLtek utilize the latest in handheld RF devices and RFID technologies for system
directed processes. Minerva software solutions utilize a modular architecture to provide a configurable, scalable WMS to meet day-one functionality with the capabilities to grow with your business.


•AWLview WMS, a comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) software
•Interfaces to ERP and external host systems
•Real time, system directed warehouse operations and reporting
•Modular with a growth path for expansion as needed(insert line break here)
•AWLtek WCS automates and optimize material handling equipment (MHE) such as horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lifts, and AS/RS
•Interfaces with multiple MHE vendors’ equipment
•Available as an integrated or stand-alone system


•HD Supply
•Custom Marketing Services
•ITT Radar Systems, Gilfillan
•Moen, Inc.
•Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
•Robroy Industries
•Rockwell Collins
•Sole Technology
•The Gillette Company
(Proctor & Gamble)
•United Parcel Service
•Victor Medical Company
•Wesco Aircraft


• 3PL
• Aerospace & Aviation
• Apparel
• Consumer Goods
• Electronics
• Food Distribution
• Industrial Supplies
• Manufacturing
• Media/Publishing
• Medical Supplies
• Pharmaceuticals
• Retail
• Utilities/Telecommunications


“Thank you so much for the change that you made today. The users are very happy with the result and you have made me look like a hero. Great responsiveness from your team as usual.”
> Jim McDonald, SR Distribution Center Systems Manager, Crown Bolt Industries

“I just wanted to tell you and your staff thanks for the great job you all did on AIMS system. Again we really appreciate your commitment to this project and how smoothly it was implemented. This project will enable us to start looking at our other customers and maybe we can get them integrated into AIMS.Thanks again and looking forward to the next project.”
> Ty Hill, V.P./C.I.O, Custom Marketing Services, Inc.

“Minerva Associates provides outstanding solutions for WMS. They are a wonderful group in which everything is a collaborative effort. They listen and provide what the customer wants, provide a friendly as well as professional environment in supporting the customer.”
> Brenda Reddoor, Inventory Records Manager, Rockwell Collins