Eric Moriarty

Vice President of Marketplaces

B-Stock Solutions

Eric Moriarty serves as B-Stock Solutions’ Vice President of Marketplaces. Eric joined B-Stock in 2010 and has since grown the company’s client base by over 500%. He’s responsible for establishing partnerships with some of B-Stock’s largest clients including Whirlpool, Wayfair and Amazon.

Eric has decades of experience building successful B2B and B2C online marketplaces. Before B-Stock, Eric served as eBay’s first category manager and was a key contributor in developing and implementing category strategies, including writing the original business plan for category management. He later launched eBay’s New Business Group, incubating categories including Baby, Health & Beauty, Food & Wine, Gift Certificates and Aviation. He is responsible for some of the most expensive items ever sold on eBay, including Mark McGwire's 70th Home Run baseball that sold for $3M, and a $4.9M business jet.

After eBay, Eric founded an Internet retailing business in 2003 selling excess inventory from manufacturers on eBay and other Internet channels. In 2009, he became the CEO for Datalette, an online marketplace for data. He was a part of the founding team that launched the site, and signed up the company's first 10 data partners; the company was sold to Bloomberg in 2010.

Eric has an MBA from Babson College and a BA from Bowdoin College.