Roddy Martin

Managing Director - Value Chain & Operations Transformation.


Roddy brings more than 35 years of  practical and leadership experience in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, technology, transformation change leadership, and strategy consulting . He works closely with senior global  leaders and executives from multiple industry verticals and has detailed experience in the transformation of healthcare and consumer products value chains from point of sale to the supply network and manufacturing . At AMR Research Roddy was instrumental in bringing and translating Demand-driven Value Network and Demand-driven Manufacturing research and best practices to the industry. Roddy has advised and coached leaders as a trusted advisor on business strategy , transformation, and technology best practices and works closely with Consumer Products, Lire Sciences, High Tech, and Chemical industries formulating thought leading perspectives on market driven transformation & change leadership. He is internationally recognized as a thought leader and regularly presents at high profile global speaking events. Roddy was recognized as a Research Fellow at Gartner / AMR Research and acknowledged for his transformation leadership role at SAB Miller.