Luca Silipo

Vice-President, Chief Research Officer


Luca Silipo is the Vice President, Chief Research Officer for GEODIS. Luca graduated from Universita ‘La Sapienza’ with a degree in Economics. He later attended the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland graduating with a D.S. in International Relations.

He created the GEODIS World Lab and now continues to manage it in Berlin, Germany. The department is tasked with producing regular and ad hoc economic studies and strategic innovation reports aimed at positioning the company to thrive within the future of the industry.

A fascination for logistics flows has brought Luca to GEODIS, where he is constantly analyzing economic, political, and social developments in order to steer corporate strategy and contribute to the company's success. These flows include the long range of ocean liners to the crucial short range of city logistics, this has become his every day occupation and passion.